​Rock-A-Thon is a bi-annual fundraiser hosted by the brother's of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Fraternity at the University of Missouri. The core event of Rock-A-Thon is a 63 hour fundraising campaign where one member of AEPi sits and rocks in a rocking chair for the duration of the event in downtown Columbia, Missouri. During this time, the brothers will canvas the city of Columbia and select locations in the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas, "canning" for donations.

The brother's approached us with the idea of adding a Gala style Kick Off event to be hosted in St. Louis. Seeing the opportunity for further growth, we connected the brothers with members of our St. Louis Distinguished Event and Corporate Relations staff to get them training and offer assistance in planning this event. We also assisted them in setting up a GoFundMe page, which was hugely successful. They raised over $37,000 via the GoFundMe site in their first year. We also incorporated the use of Square readers to assist them with on site fundraising both during the kick off, as well as during the 63 hour Rock-A-Thon event.

In previous years, we had little involvement or input in the planning, nor did we offer the back end support. AEPi was appreciative for our guidance and resources, and their donors appreciated that they could make tax deductible donations directly to ACS via secure channels.

This event would be adaptable to any college campus, with a strong Greek presence, especially with an active chapter of AEPi Fraternity. The fundamental concept is simple to explain, (rock in a chair for long time while people donate money) but unique enough to stand out from other such philanthropic events typically found on college campuses.